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Move with Ease

This series was designed to keep you moving safely throughout your pregnancy and to help support you physically and emotionally as you prepare for labor and motherhood.

Split into two parts: “Pregnancy Friendly’ and ‘Prenatal’, it was created by Jaime as she began to modify her practice throughout her first pregnancy. Understanding the benefits of regular movement, but wanting to keep her body strong and safe, she began to modify certain aspects of her physical practice. As her pregnancy progressed toward the end, she began to lean heavily on more still practices, such as breathwork and meditation, as a way to prepare mentally for what lay ahead. She filmed both series from weeks 12-39, moving in tune with her own experiences, ensuring she is there to guide you every step of the way.

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Movement for every trimester

In the Library, you’ll find 30 ‘Pregnancy Friendly’ classes, for when you’re still feeling like yourself, but you need to modify some things for your pregnancy. These are more suitable for your first and second trimesters and were filmed by Jaime from weeks 12 through 28.

There are also 28 ‘Prenatal’ specific classes to see you through the end of your second and third trimesters, or when it becomes a little harder to step your foot between your hands. These classes focus on keeping you strong yet relaxed and are designed to help encourage your baby into an optimal birthing position and prepare you for labor. They are filmed by Jaime from weeks 28 to 39.

Classes range in energy and style, from grounding, floor-based, restorative classes to invigorating movement-heavy Vinyasa flows. You’ll also find guided meditations, breathwork classes, strength-based Power classes, as well as Prenatal Pilates classes. There is a range to suit your needs depending on the day.

Important Read

Every member, without exception, should seek advice and permission from their medical practitioner to continue or to start exercise during pregnancy. This advice should be maintained at regular intervals throughout your pregnancy, consulting your doctors if any questions should arise. Whilst we are trained in pregnancy yoga, we are not suitable substitutes for medical professionals. Please always listen to your body and stop exercising if you feel pain, have bleeding, chest pain, faintness, palpitations, pubic pain, severe headache, fever, or development of swelling in your legs, face, or hands.

We recommend starting this series from 13 weeks onwards, practicing any earlier than that is at the discretion of the member. Please read our pregnancy considerations before taking part in either series. The Yoga Library is not responsible for any pain or injury experienced throughout your pregnancy.

Prenatal Bundle

Our Prenatal Series is INCLUDED in all active memberships. OR you can purchase the series for £75 [valid for 1 year]

Purchase Series ONLY

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